Recycled, Virgin and Shiny are the names chosen for Hung Yen three new collections, featuring a renewed product range including even more fabrics for swimwear & beachwear, activewear and underwear; these new collections are even more accessible and high performance than their predecessors but are characterized by the usual quality and customer-oriented services

A brand new, more direct, and practical communication with a distinctive and elegant graphic layout achieved through a complete and coherent restyling of the instruments selected to better narrate the performance of each collection and to guide customers in the process of selecting the fabrics which best suit their exigences and needs.

The RECYCLED collection has been designed for the near future, and comprises several items made of recycled and certified Polyamide and Polyester. We are talking about a selection of innovative, eco-sustainable fibers, regenerated from post-industrial waste (polyamide) and post-consumer waste (polyester – which comes 100% from PET plastic bottles).

The VIRGIN collection is devoted to Hung Yen “signature” fabrics made of virgin Polyamide and Polyester: a range of functional, versatile, and reliable products which well illustrate Hung Yen technical know-how, expertise, and history.

The SHINY collection is lively and smart and includes several glossy fabrics, made of bright, virgin polyamide, whose colors, features, and performance have been created to tickle designers’ creativity.  All such items are cool, trendy, pleasant to the touch, perfect for the creation of fashionable, irresistible garments suitable for casual-fashion and sports-fashion collections with consistent high-tech performance.

Black timeless glamour supports the vibrant color rendering of the 5 shapes based on which we have organized all our fabrics and collections.

The linearity and pureness of shapes such as a turquoise square and a red circle respectively represent the collections including virgin Polyamide and Polyester fabrics.

A light green triangle identifies the collection of products made of recycled polyamide, while an intense green upturned triangle has been chosen to identify the collection of fabrics made of recycled polyester. Finally, a pink X represents the collection of fabrics made of bright virgin polyamide.

Symbols and colors are immediately recognizable and can guide customers in their choices among and within the collections

 The Recycled, Virgin and Shiny books illustrate Hung Yen collections providing details about the characteristics and possible applications of each item. Easy-to-use and immediate, the books were conceived as a comprehensive and certified representation of the elegance and high-tech features of Hung Yen products which stem from a thorough and consistent R&D process which is becoming more and more eco-friendly, and people oriented.

Samples and labels, all matching the master graphic design, complement Hung Yen restyling project and work as coordinated, elegant and easy-to-use instruments to be employed by customers, along with their PDF versions, downloadable from the official Hung Yen Knitting & Dyeing website.

Finally, the Polyamide, Polyester, Shiny color cards have been created to complement the fabrics belonging to these collections. Fashionable and in line with market trends, the provide an excellent example of the amazing service offered by the company.

The 2023/2024 graphic work celebrates the strategic and consolidated partnership between Italy and Vietnam, based on Hung Yen 10-year successful activity in Southeast Asia.