ECOFIT by Hung Yen

ECOFIT by Hung Yen

The new range of 100% green fabrics

We are celebrating some exciting news in Hung Yen. We have just launched ECOFIT, the new family of 100% green soft touch fabrics.

Made of MIPAN© REGEN™ recylced Nylon yarn from pre-consumer waste, designed to preserve oil reserves, reduce green house gases emissions and garbage stored in landfills, the four fabrics belonging to the ECOFIT family are versatile and innovative.

Suitable for several, different applications, ranging from comfy, stylish underwear to beachwear and trendy, high performance activewear, the ECOFIT Family of fabrics is ideal for the creation of fashionable and eco-friendly outfits.


Made of 100% recycled Nylon, it is ultra-light, stretch and extremely soft. Its chlorine resistance and UV protection factor make it ideal for the creation of double-layer, functional and high performance beachwear. Thanks to its elasticity and softness, ECOFIT 13 is also suitable for the creation of comfy and delicate underwear to be worn in direct contact with the skin.

Composition: 88% Recycled Nylon; 12% Elastane; 135 g/m2; 150 cm; 59”


A lightweight, thin and extremely elastic fabric, it is made of 100% recycled yarn and is suitable for different applications such as activewear and underwear. Also, ideal for the creation of innovative and high performance beachwear, ECOFIT 15 is chlorine resistant and UV protective.

Composition: 77% Recycled Nylon; 23% Elastane;155 g/m2;148 cm; 58”


Soft, delicate and non see-through. ECOFIT 18 is 100% green and ideal for the creation of comfortable and innovative beachwear items. Its excellent UV protection factor and its resi stance to chlorine, make it ideal for the creation of innovative, high-performance techno-beachwear.

Composition: 80% Recycled Nylon; 20% Elastane; 180 g/m2; 150 cm – 59”


Featuring a high spandex content, extremely soft and delicate, ECOFIT 20 is made of 100% recycled yarn, fits the body like a second skin and is absolutely non see-through, Thanks to its innovative characteristics which ensure maximum protection from UV rays and chlorine resistance, this fabric is ideal for the creation of high performance, comfy active wear, shapewear and swimwear items.

Composition: 74% Recycled Nylon; 26% Elastane 200 g/m2; 150 cm – 59”